Whale watching Perth videos of Indian Ocean whale migration past Perth Western Australia

The next Perth whale watching video includes the fascinating sound of whales known as whale songs recorded with the Mills Charters hydrophone.

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Underwater video of whales near Mills Charter boat, Indian Ocean, near Perth.

Watch for the rainbow in this video just after these humpback whales spout spray.

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Whales near Perth spouting rainbows during a Mills whale-watching cruise.

In this whale video see how close tame whales get to the Mills whale watching tour boat.

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Above water video of whales researching humans with cameras aboard Mills whale watching charters in the Indian Ocean near Perth Western Australia.

In this Perth whale watching video see whales jumping out of the Indian Ocean and splashing about near the Mills whale watching boat.

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Whale Watching Perth

Whale activity close to our boat in this video gets Perth whale watchers excited.

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Listen to the excitement in the voice this Perth whale watcher’s commentary.

Whale watching promotional video.

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About Mills Charters whale watching cruises and other Mills Charter boat services. Went to air in Western Australia on Channel 9 for the Real Estate Lifestyle and Investment Program

These whale watching videos are copyright and filmed by the crew of Mills Charters during their whale watching tours. Not-for-profit organisations and personal use have permission to use our whale watching videos.

If you’ve filmed a whale-watching video on one of our Perth whale watching cruises out of Perth into the Indian Ocean, please tag it. For example on Facebook with an “@” symbol in front of our FaceBook name @whalewatchingperth.