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Inquisitive Whales

Friday 11/9/2020 by Brooke Lloyd.

The boat was busy with excitement this morning as today’s passengers were very happy and bubbly and were enjoying the morning sun. Leaving the marina at 9am and heading out towards Rottnest, again about 20 minutes into the tour and upon hitting 30 metres deep of water.

Mark the skipper spotted two humpback whales breaching at 12 o’clock (out the front of the bow). It turns out it was a mum and her calf, as mum was breaching and teaching. Once we reached them, the whales were highly interested in the boat and circled us for about half an hour! Coming very close and giving our passengers a great view of their gorgeous dorsal fins and flukes. Once these whales had checked us out they moved on and so did we.

Not too long after leaving these whales did we come across multiple pods of 3 and 4 groupings. The pod of 3 had a calf with them as well! You know it’s a good day when the photographers on board complain because there are too many whales around us and they don’t know where to look haha! These whales again came very close, up to 10m from the boat as we turned off the engines and listened. They showed off with some amazing displays of pectoral fin slapping, letting us know whey they are described as the winged giants of the ocean (their pectoral fins can be up to 5 metres long and weigh up to 1 tonne).

Even when heading back in, we passed different pods as they cruised along the Humpback Highway. Everyone on board was awesome and asked some really great questions! Thanks guys 🐋

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