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Sunning with a Chance of Whales!

Sunday Morning 13/9/2020: blog by Marine Biologist Brooke Lloyd.

With a full boat we headed out at 9am this morning in search for whales. Again, once reaching waters of about 30 metres deep, whales were in sight! We followed two Humpback whales for a little while, but they were just surface cruising, possibly even having a morning nap. So, we moved on, heading further out towards Rottnest Island and that’s when we became surrounded by multiple pods. There were approximately two to three pods around us at one stage, with one pod interacting with each other and there was at least one calf in the mix. These Humpbacks were much more active and cruised past the boast quite close. The calf was full of energy thrashing its tail around and swimming on its side most of the time. What may have been the calf’s mum was a large female about 16 metres long and at that size would weigh between 25-30 tonnes. Maybe due to the beautiful weather this morning the whales were mellow and cruisey but from what we heard on board, the photographers we had were quite happy with the gorgeous tail shots they managed to get! We saw some action on the way in too as we had a small pod of dolphins riding the wake as we headed into the marina. All in all, another great trip with some stunning Humpies.

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