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Whale? Or Orca?

Sunday Arvo 4/10/2020: blog by Marine Biologist Brooke Lloyd.

The wind picked up in the arvo and she was a bumpy one heading out but sounded like some did enjoyed the ride! It took longer than usual to spot any whales due to the slower ride out combating the swell, but we got Humpbacks about an hour in. This is when we came up to a pair of Humpback whales, a mum and her calf. This calf was very playful and just splashing about. This calf then split from its mum and came to check us out, swimming under the front of the boat and cruising right by the side of the boat. Again, as per usual, once we saw this pair we were surrounded by whales near and far. Probably 3-4 pods around us with 2-3 whales per pod. One whale decided to sunbake and flip on its back exposing its shiny bright belly. Really loved the enthusiasm and noise on board today, every time we saw a whale there were gasps and cheers, it was great to hear the excitement.  We were shallower than usual today when we had the whales around us, in about 22m deep of water, thankfully the wind died down towards the end of the trip, making the experience more enjoyable. In some of these pics below you can see the colouration on these whales, some were really beautiful, almost looking orca like from the side! The whales didn’t want to say goodbye as we started to head back in, lingering around the boat for final pictures, another successful Sunday done.

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