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Tiny Calf but Where is Mum?

Sunday Morning 8/11/2020: Blog by Marine Biologist Brooke Lloyd.

What a morning! With little to no wind and high temperatures early on, she was glass-off all morning. It didn’t take us long to find whales today either as the boat halted to the sight of THE SMALLEST calf, we have all ever seen. This little bub was so incredibly small! This calf was surface cruising when we first came across it, giving off a little tail thrash here and there. We watched it for about 10 minutes coming up to the surface and ducking back down, then coming up again. But where was mum? A sinking feeling began to occur as we watched on with only a small Humpback calf in front of us. But with almost a cheer of relief, mum surfaced after about 15 minutes and she was large! This common theme occurred all day really, with mum staying down for 10-15 minutes while bub resurfaced more regularly every 4 minutes or so. This is usually the case as a smaller calf has less lung capacity then mum, meaning it has to resurface more often then she does. We followed this pair all day, having so many opportunities for pictures and some gorgeous tail shots too! The season isn’t over yet, still many Humpies coming though on the Humpback Highway as there were 2-3 other pods around us today.

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