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Swell and Smiles

Wednesday Morning 28/10/2020: Blog by Marine Biologist Brooke Lloyd.

With 3 metre swell this morning we knew it would be a bumpy one, but everyone had their sea legs with them today! We spotted the first pod, a mum and calf in about 25m of water after having to take the long way out to the Humpback Highway today due to the swell. This mum and calf were gorgeous, mum with her especially white underbelly and side, was so easily seen even under water as she swam by the boat. This pair circled us very clearly as all of a sudden there was another adult whale with them, then another! Out of know where we now had a pod of 4 humpback whales, 3 adults and one calf. We watched as one whale got very close to a small boat, who thankfully spotted the whale as it surfaced and turned off the boat. One of the whales in this pod had a very interesting tail, was it natural? Or due to fishing line entanglement or something else? We spotted another pod closer to Rottnest as we headed back in this morning, with the ride back in being wonderful. Thank you to everyone who came out today, great to see all the smiles!

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