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Right by Rotto!

Sunday Morning 11/10/20: Blog by Marine Biologist Brooke Lloyd.

We started off the day by wishing Tracey and Garry a happy wedding anniversary. They had brought out some friends with them to celebrate so everyone on board got a nice cupcake treat. The day followed the usual pattern, seeing whales in about 35 metres, they were quite cruisy. This cruisy pod then met up with another pod and there were easily five Humpback whales together a one stage. This pod contained mainly adults with one juvenile, most likely a calf from last year. We were really close to Rottnest today, the whales picked up their activity around us as we spotted a smaller calf in another pod. It went still for a moment before a large Humpback whale came thrashing out of the water right off the side of the boat for everyone to see, such a showman. There was also a submarine out by Rotto today and its presence would have definitely affected the whales activity levels. The activity levels soon peaked too as one whale in a pod launched out of the water with a semi-chin slap/breach. As we turned around heading for home, we stopped off to a lone whale who decided to show off with some tail slapping displays. It was an absolutely gorgeous day this morning, hope everyone enjoyed!

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