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Perfect Conditions

Thursday Morning 5/11/2020: Blog by Marine Biologist Brooke Lloyd.

What a perfect morning today’s tour was! With a 30-degree high, the calm seas and the sun shining meant beautiful weather and beautiful whales. It took us about an hour today to find the whales and once we did, they were a little skittish of the boat to begin with. However, once they had warmed up to us, we had a beautiful Humpback mum and calf display all day! Mum was huge and this calf had the most stunning colouration, almost ombre-like with the white fading into grey, fading into black on its side. Once they had gotten used to us, this calf became very inquisitive, venturing from its mum and coming right up to the boat many times, to check us out. This calf definitely wanted to have a good look at us at it stuck its head out multiple times, displaying its shiny tubercles. Then at one stage, right by the boat, this calf did a gorgeous spy hop! Today was very unusual, we usually find the whales anywhere between 25m to 35m deep, sometimes the odd 18m but today these whales were in 8.8m! You could see the sea floor! If mum was about 16m long, this means if she moved herself vertically in the water she’d nearly be half sticking out! Thank you to everyone who came out for the perfect, cruisy tour, can’t wait to see all your photos.

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