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Peaking Whales!

8/10/20 – Peak of the Season: Blog by Marine Biologist Brooke Lloyd.

With Mike’s birthday yesterday (our decky), it was good luck for whale watching today! The sun was out and with a full boat we headed out to the Humpback Highway. In about 28m deep of water we spotted our first whales today, but they were shy, so we moved onto another pod further in the distance, who were very active to say the least! As we approached two Humpbacks pec slapping, they began to show off even more with some awesome breaching displays! One whale breached twice in a row for us, she was stunningly white on her ventral side. After this form of communication (one reason we believe whales breach) there were whales everywhere! 2-3 pods must have joined altogether as we had approximately 10-12 whales altogether at once for about half an hour. This large pod seemed to separate either side of the boat, swim around us and re-join every 10 minutes or so, they were definitely checking us out. On our way back in we stopped off multiple times to watch more Humpbacks on their travels back south, we most likely saw nearly 20 different Humpback whales this morning. Thanks for everyone that’s tagged along! 🐋

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