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Patience Is Key

Sunday Arvo 13/9/2020 by Brooke Lloyd.

The winds picked up this afternoon, so it was a little more choppy out there then this morning but that meant more activity in the air for the whales! Again, early on we spotted two Humpback whales cruising by in around 28 metres of water. They were quite calm and slow and weren’t too interested in the boat. We then heading in further to see if we could find some more active whales. Patience is a virtue, and this is when we all got rewarded for it! After almost an hour of no receptive whales we spotted a single Humpback whale in the distance breaching multiple times, and she was going off! She was about a kilometre away and we were hoping by the time we reached her she would still be full of energy, and she was! While everyone was in awe of her breaches, two more sub-adult Humpback showed up even closer to the boat. These two were very interested in our boat and was checking it out from below. Once they felt safe, they swam right by the bow and sides of the boat, less then 10 metres away, showing off their gorgeous flukes. While all of this was happening, the breaching whale from earlier was still putting on a display further in the distance, chin slapping and pec fin slapping. These two distinct pods must have been communicating from afar with their displays. They were definitely showing off! We had some whale enthusiasts on board today too (one picture) who had some incredible and very intelligent questions to ask about whales! Definitely future scientist in the making! What an end to the weekend!

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