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Pairs Everywhere!

Monday Morning 28/9/2020: blog by Marine Biologist Brooke Lloyd.

We were greeted with a nice shower boarding this morning, which was fun, but luckily, we didn’t receive much rain after that. It only took under 30 minutes to find them this morning as two adult Humpbacks cruised right by the front side of the boat. They were so close you could see the tubercles on top of their head, these tubercles hold within them tiny little hairs that act as sensory organs. There were pairs everywhere today, as we saw 3-4 pods, some close some more distant (we even had a couple of breaches off on the horizon). Each being a new pair of Humpbacks, and all either adults or sub-adults with no calves this morning. We saw a pair of Humpbacks in the distance, one which was tail slapping for about 10 minutes, we reached them in time to see the last couple of tail slaps, this whale probably did over 40 tail slaps in a row. We were chased back into the harbour by rain but managed to stay relatively dry by the time we docked. We also got a visit from the lovely Laurel and Glenys who have been coming out with us every year since the mid-1980s! She brought cupcakes and we love her, thank you!

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