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Sunday Afternoon 27/9/2020: blog by Marine Biologist Brooke Lloyd

With the morning whales having become more active towards the end of the tour, the crew was quite excited to see what the afternoon had instore. As we headed out, at around 25 metres depth, we weaved through some large container ships which seemed to be surrounded by multiple pods of whales. However, these whales weren’t really interested in us and with the dark clouds above us it was actually quite hard to seem them. So, we moved on into deeper water and then that’s when it was full steam ahead towards a pod of three Humpback whales, one of which was the tiniest calf we have seen this season so far! This calf (probably 600kg) (which is on the small side for Humpback birth weight) was tiny compared to its 30-tonne mother and the other adult humpback that accompanied them. One of the whales in this pod (most likely the mum) put on an amazing display of pectoral fin slapping, which went on for about 45 minutes! She was definitely showing off and we got close enough to turn off the engine and listen to her slapping the water (see the video on our Instagram story highlights for September). She did tire though, so we watched her give us her final wave as we headed in for the day, the water being much calmer by the end of the trip and I’m sure everyone enjoyed the nice cruise back into the harbour. 

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