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Extreme Whale Watching

Tuesday Afternoon 20/10/2020 Blog by Marine Biologist Brooke Lloyd.

With strong winds and big swell, we were hesitant to take our passengers out this afternoon, but with them being a group of students from Curtin University for their Wildlife Management unit, they weren’t phased at all! It took us longer then usual to get out to our 30m spot this arvo due to the weather, almost an hour, and with the waves and white caps it can be very difficult to spot whales. But of course, the skipper was on them as per usual as we spotted a Humpback mum and calf ahead of us. This pair were cruisy to begin with, mum having a very distinct either colouration or scar along her right side. While we watched this pair cruise around us, we were greeted, multiple times, by a relatively big bronze whaler, this shark was very interested at the back of the boat and whale watching soon turned into shark watching. As I got chatting to the students on board, I got too carried away as Mike came down from the flybridge saying “did you see that breach?”. So, with a missed breach we all turned to the water to watch this at first cruisy pair, suddenly become very active. Mum after her breach, began tail slapping right in front of the boat. The then went to the other side of the boat to show off some stunning pectoral fin slapping where you can clearly see the cookie cutter shark marks on her pec fin. There was another pod closer to one of the markers today, but we stuck with this mum and calf for the afternoon, before heading back into the marina with the wind subsiding and enjoying the ride. Thanks to the demonstrators and students from Curtin for coming out with us and all the best with your studies, looking forward to seeing you guys in the field!

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