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Day of Surprises

Sunday Morning 4/10/2020: blog by Marine Biologist Brooke Lloyd.

On our way out to the Humpback highway this morning we were greeted by a couple of dolphins riding the wake of our boat, one with a smaller calf. They were a good omen as we spotted two Humpback whales up ahead! We were in about 32m of water at this stage as we watched a Humpback whale breach in the distance (there were a couple of breaches today, all of which were a bit further out). We then came across a pod of whales who were very active, one adult laying on their back as she slapped both her pectoral fins beside her. This is when we realised that we now had two pods either side of us, one at 3 o’clock and the other at 11. The Humpbacks at 3 o’clock were a pair of whales while the whales at 11 was a pod of 4-5 Humpbacks with a calf! This pod stuck around with us for over half an hour with one big Mumma! They then began to tail slap and tail lob just to show off. As we headed back in there was a whale breaching up ahead. We reached them and watched them gracefully swim by as we headed closer into the marina. What a great morning, we hope everyone enjoyed and a big Happy Birthday to Kay Wood. 

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