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Cruisy Thursday

Thursday Morning 15/10/2020. Blog by Marine Biologist Brooke Lloyd.

We had luck on our side this morning as the late Doug Cochran’s sister and her partner were on board! Doug was a wonderful man who would have easily freed 60+ whales during his time that had either been caught in nets, anchor lines or other entanglement waste. He did wonders for marine conservation and definitely would have aided in the current population of Humpbacks we see today! Today followed a similar pattern, once we reached 30m deep of water, about 40 minutes out from the Harbour, we spotted our first Humpback for the day, pectoral fin slapping, who then took a deep dive and disappeared. He/she mustn’t have been too interested in the boat today. That was totally fine though because it was no time before we approached a Humpback mum and calf (the calf was tiny!). This calf was very energetic thrashing about in the water, tail slapping and rolling over itself underwater. Mum then joined in with tail slapping and lobbing, she did this about 10 times just off the boat. This pair we followed for a good hour, they were super cruisy and popped up every 5 minutes or so, often with bub thrashing about. At one stage there were multiple pods around us in the distance, one pec slapping, but they were all having a relaxing Thursday morning this morning. We then spotted at least two Humpback whales breaching in the distance and it was full speed ahead as we watched them, from afar, breach a good 6+ times. By the time we got to them they must have been exhausted as they cruised by the front of the boat to return to their normal southern route. Thank you to everyone that came out this morning, so many questions and such good energy on board, I hope the ladies I was speaking to who had never seen a whale before were pleased!

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