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Big Mumma!

23/10/2020: Blog by Marine Biologist Brooke Lloyd.

We had word before heading out today that whales had already been spotted just out of the marina. So, with that we were keen to head out, it was perfect this morning as we spotted a gorgeous mum and calf Humpback whale just out of the marina in about 25m of water not even 20 minutes after heading out. This mum was a big Mumma! She would have had to be one of the largest whales we have seen all season, easily over 30 tonnes! This intrigued pair managed to circle our boat multiple times today and we even got a surprise visit from some dolphins too. As we were waiting for this pair to resurface, we spotted what looked like a sea snake, but it never surfaced for a good visual so could have just been some sort of weird sea noodle thing (seaweed? Haha). This calf became more and more brave, distancing itself from mum and coming right up to the right side of the boat, then later the back side of the boat, coming to check us out. At one stage this tiny calf came right towards the boat, popping its little head out at us. We followed this pair all day, giving us many opportunities for pictures, and as we headed back in we stopped off to view some more whales, but these were super shy whales. Thank you to everyone that came out today, was such a great vibe on board and can’t wait to see the photos from today.

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