Best Whale Watching spots in Western Australia.

The entire Western Australian coastline provides great opportunities to see humpback whales on their annual migration from Antarctic waters to the warm waters north of Australia. Waters off the NW coast north of Cape Leveque. This area is important for humpback whale calving and breeding.

The peak period is mid-August to mid-September, however, the species can be seen in the area between about July and October.

Coastal areas from Albany to the Great Australian Bight. These are important breeding areas for southern right whales and also for viewing humpback whales and possibly sperm whales. Perth waters.

These waters are an important temporary rest area for southward migrating humpback whales between September to late November, when they can be seen in the area with great regularity.

Southern right whales are also being seen in increasing numbers in Perth metropolitan waters as their populations slowly recover from commercial whaling. Geographe Bay Area: Blue whales are being sighted in increasing numbers in this area as the species recovers from the impacts of commercial whaling.