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Baby Breach!

Sunday Afternoon 11/10/20: Blog by Marine Biologist Brooke Lloyd.

With the activity of the whales peaking as we headed back in for the morning tour, we knew this arvo would be an active one, and boy were both the whales and swell active. She was a choppy and wet one on the way out, some seemed to be having way too much fun haha! Our first whale appeared after about an hour, a lone Humpback whale who cruised along with us for a little while then started pectoral fin slapping and then giving us a gorgeous breach. This whale did their display for about 30 minutes and then moved on. We enjoyed the swell for a little while before we came upon a mum and her calf breaching multiple times. Every time mum breached, so did bub, until mum became tired and bub kept breaching. The calf even did an amazing corkscrew-like breach at the boat, he was really excited and really interested in the boat. The calf probably breached over 6 times and after their display mum and baby then came right up to the boat to check us out. We were intertwined around anchored container ships as this pair of Humpbacks followed us and circled us. They even came right up to the back of the boat to say their final goodbye. We came in a little later this arvo, but it was totally worth it for that mum and calf performance, what a day!

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