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A Photographers Day Out! Closest Encounter this Season!

Friday morning. 16/10/2020. Blog by Marine Biologist Brooke Lloyd.

We were lucky enough to have a group of photographers on board today from the Capture the Light Photographic Meetup Group. So definitely go check out their page if doing some photographic meet ups around Perth is on your to do list. It was perfect weather today and lovely in the sun, we spotted 1-2 dolphins on the way out, they quickly cruised by the boat. It took us a little longer today to find whales but when we did, we were greeted by a distant breach (one of the ladies in the photography group got a gorgeous breach shot which I can hopefully share once it gets uploaded). This breach was actually from that of a mother Humpback as we came across her and her calf. We followed this pair all morning and they were just stunning. So elegant and gave us so many photo opportunities. The picture I was able to take of mum and bub with both their tails out at the same time, with the city in the background is one of my personal favourites this year! As we were watching mum about 100m off the boat, this dark mass appeared right beneath us and before I could even point it out, the inquisitive little calf came right alongside the boat (my camera couldn’t zoom out fast enough) we did manage to get a video of him/her popping up so that will be posted later today. That would have been one of the closest whale encounters we have had all season. Thank you for everyone who came out this morning, it couldn’t have been more relaxing!

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